Terms & Conditions

Dear customers,

 Please read the general terms and conditions of shopping through the e-commerce store at www.prospeed.bg.


I. Products:

The online store www.prospeed.bg offers a wide range of products, accessories and services. All the goods offered at this e-shop are of guaranteed quality. The descriptions of the offered goods on the site are for informational purposes. Technical errors may occur.


II. Prices and promotions:

The prices of the goods listed on the site are final and do not include the delivery cost to the customer. Product prices can be changed without prior notification to users. The user pays the price that was up-to-date at the time of the order.


III. Orders:

After you design your order at the top of the site you will see a link to the basket. The brackets show the number of products added to your cart, if any. In the basket you will see with the photo all the products available in the basket, their quantity and price. Once you have confirmed your order, you will receive a confirmation letter with the number and date of the order and its contents at the e-mail address you provide.


IV. Terms and Conditions:

Goods ordered on www.prospered.bg are delivered from 1 to 3 business days from receipt of the order on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The delivery time outside the state is variable depending on the geosone and the type of delivery. If the product is not available, we are required to notify you within the aforementioned deadline. GeoTrade is not responsible for delaying orders due to the courier company's fault, inaccurate address or other force majeure circumstances.


 VI. Replace Purchased Product and Cancel Order:

If the customer for any reason wants to replace the product he purchases, he / she has the right to do so, in which case the cost of returning the product and sending the new claim is at the customer's expense. If there is a difference between the value of the new and the old order, it is offset. The Customer has the right to refuse to accept the shipment if the amount to be paid to the courier does not match the amount due. In this case, we ask the customer to immediately contact „DNV-Prospeed” EOOD to remedy the discrepancy. If, on receipt of the goods, it has broken / fragmented packaging due to improper transportation or there is a lack of claim and the insurance will only be honored in the presence of a courier. In this case, immediately contact us or decline to accept the goods. The claim shall be certified by the consignee's bill of lading. A statement of findings shall be prepared describing the status of the consignment and its packaging. In the event that the customer takes the shipment on his own responsibility and fails to submit his claims to the courier, the claim is void.

VII. Rights and obligations of „DNV-Prospeed” EOOD:

We are obliged to strictly observe the Personal Data Protection Act, to protect the information provided by the Customer, to deliver the ordered products within the agreed time at the specified address. We have the right not to deliver the ordered products to specified incorrect addresses and / or telephone numbers. We are not responsible for the manufacturer's stated product information for any delay or inability to fulfill its obligations, in the event of circumstances beyond the store, possible differences in the colors of the purchased goods due to different types of computer screens and their settings . VIII. Customer's rights and obligations: The customer is required to indicate a valid telephone, e-mail and delivery address, to pay the price of the goods ordered by him and the specified delivery amount, to receive the ordered goods, not make fictitious orders, do not give fictitious reviews of a product or other false information. The Customer has the right to receive the products ordered by him / her, to abandon them within 14 days from the date of delivery, observing the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act. Please review the terms and conditions for changes regularly.

Note: The above rules are valid for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.