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  • Intercom Stilo Wrc 03

    Specifically designed for roll-bars fitment.

    ON/OFF control with the co-driver plug-in (never to forget to switch the intercom off); separated volumes, 9 V standard power supply and 12 V available option.

    Stilo specific cables for fastening safety belts. Camera connection.

Please check the charts below (opens in new window):

Racing equipment:

Race suits:

Sparco racing suits

OMP racing suits

Alpinestars racing suits


Sparco gloves

AlpineStars Gloves


Sparco racing boots


  • 20 Degree recline is suitable for saloon / rally cars or other applications with more upright seated position
  • 30 Degree recline is suitable for most single seater / formula cars and sports prototype

Hans chart


Sparco racing seats

Sparco kids seats

Sparco protectors:


CHEST - 74см
SCHEST - 80см
MCHEST - 90см
LCHEST - 98см
XLCHEST - 106см
XXLCHEST - 107+см

Racing equipment by brand:

Sparco sizes chart

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Intercom Stilo Wrc 03

  • Brand: Stilo
  • Product Code: Intercom Stilo Wrc 03 AB0200
  • Availability: Coming soon
  • 450.00 лв.

  • Ex Tax: 375.00 лв.

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