Orders and supplies

Orders and supplies


All orders and deliveries are made on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or outside the state after further clarification.

Next to each product's model you will see an inscription showing its availability.

If your desired product has a temporarily out of stock - do not worry. We regularly update our store and within a few days you will probably be able to get it. Therefore, proceed as described below, ask for the product, and we will contact you immediately and specify the date and time for delivery. If for some reason it does not satisfy you, the order will be automatically refused.

In order to place an order you need to register in the system, enter your name, exact address and contact phone.

The order is as follows:

1. Choose a product (s) from our categories as well as the quantity you want.

2. With the shopping cart button you can track these criteria in real time.

3. By clicking the "Pay" button you will be directed to the final look of your order

4. Enter the delivery method you want, as well as the type of payment you will make (cash on delivery or bank transfer).

5. Confirm that you agree to these terms and click the "Continue" button.

6. You are already in the final stage of the order. On this page, you will see our bank account (if you chose "Bank Transfer"), the final payment amount and the delivery method, if you have a ticket with a promotional code, enter it in the box provided.

7. Use the "Confirm Order" button to finalize your order. At the e-mail you entered, you will receive a letter detailing the order. Status and processing and delivery can be monitored in your account.

After this order we will contact you and specify the time and date for delivery.

Delivery time:

Orders made from Monday to Friday until 15:00 will be delivered the next business day.

Orders made after 15 or on weekends will be delivered on the second business day.

If a particular product is unavailable, we will contact you and we will specify the delivery date.


- With cash.

Once you have chosen with which transport company you want your purchase to be delivered, it will be sent to you immediately, and the final amount will be paid upon delivery of the product by courier.

- Bank transfer.

In the Payment tab, you can make the Bank Transfer option active.

In the information box and in your order, which will be immediately reflected in your account, you will find the information you need to make a bank transfer.

Please note that if the "Paid" option is marked "Yes", you will not be able to pay by bank transfer.

If you would like this to happen, then tick "No Charge", activate "Bank Transfer" and pay the entire amount through your bank account. Do not forget that this amount will be the sum of the price of the ordered product and the shipping price from a courier company.

When the bank transfer is confirmed in our account, we will send you the products.


For each order, you will receive a duly completed and accompanied by a cash receipt invoice.

If you need an invoice for a legal entity, please fill in your details (company name, registration address, UIC, MOL) in the comments field and payout requirements. In case you did not mention this information, the invoice will be issued to the individual who has ordered the order.


If you are using a discount coupon, please enter it in the field provided when ordering.

Keep in mind that discount coupons are not active for products that are currently discounted.


All prices on our site are VAT included!

If you have any questions regarding the delivery, please contact us at the indicated phone numbers or via the contact form.