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април 30

KW, AP racing и Powerflex

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Prospeed proudly represents  KW, AP Racing and Powerflex. Please, visit our product catalogue for more information  

април 29

Team Prospeed new race car Audi S1

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On 15th of October 2007, Prospeed officially started working on the Audi S1, the new race car of the team, a replique of the legend, from the golden years of gr.B, in rally sport. An interesting fact, is that it was the first gr.B car  tested and developed in a wind tunnel. Our concept is to preserve the original design and geometrical proportions of the body, chassis,engine and transmission, further developing them and using the newest motorsport technologies. Including one …



Address: prof. Haralampi Popyordanov street, Studentski grad, Sofia, Bulgaria, post code 1700'
GPS cordinates:  north 42.659772°, east 23.355815°;
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Phone:   +359 (2) 868 90 05; e-mail:;
Lubomir Kazakov, Tuning parts: mobile: +359 (88) 447 14 54;
Violeta Nikolcheva: +359 (88) 880 14 98

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