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ноември 28

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ноември 08

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ноември 04

The new karting homologation CIK-FIA N 2013-1

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 Dear Customer,   We are very proud to announce you that we are the first company in the world in having got the new karting homologation CIK-FIA N 2013-1.   We invested a lot  of time and money in research and development to apply with new FIA rules which are more straight and restrictive than the ones before. The new homologation on the overalls will expire after 5 years, while the …



Address: prof. Haralampi Popyordanov street, Studentski grad, Sofia, Bulgaria, post code 1700'
GPS cordinates:  north 42.659772°, east 23.355815°;
Google Maps »;
Phone:   +359 (2) 868 90 05; e-mail:;
Lubomir Kazakov, Tuning parts: mobile: +359 (88) 447 14 54;
Violeta Nikolcheva: +359 (88) 880 14 98

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