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юни 29

Prospeed official representative of Xilema Italy

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 For several years XILEMA has been studying, designing and realizing special parts for racing and competition areas. The direct contact with the most successful Italian teams, allowed us to develop technologically advanced and evolving products, to meet the needs of professionals. The processing stages are entirely performed in Italy by highly specialized personnel and with the aid of the state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Everything is supported by a careful quality control, …



Address: prof. Haralampi Popyordanov street, Studentski grad, Sofia, Bulgaria, post code 1700'
GPS cordinates:  north 42.659772°, east 23.355815°;
Google Maps »;
Phone:   +359 (2) 868 90 05; e-mail:;
Lubomir Kazakov, Tuning parts: mobile: +359 (88) 447 14 54;
Violeta Nikolcheva: +359 (88) 880 14 98

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