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Second Hand

For over 15 years spent in racing and race-car preparation, Prospeed Motorsport has gained vast experience and know-how, that is also utilized in our street-performance tuning projects. With its own rally team, sevice facility, chassis-dynamometer stand and CNC machining workshop, Prospeed Motorsport is the leading performance and race-car specialist in Bulagria, having all the knowledge and passion, to make your car faster and fun to race!

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Subaru WRC body kit

 For all rally fans, Prospeed now offers the complete Subaru WRC body kit as used оn the legendary Subary rally car. Produced of hi strenght composite materials Glass fiber or Carbon/ Kevlar. …


Address: prof. Haralampi Popyordanov street, Studentski grad, Sofia, Bulgaria, post code 1700'
GPS cordinates:  north 42.659772°, east 23.355815°;
Google Maps »;
Phone:   +359 (2) 868 90 05; e-mail:;
Lubomir Kazakov, Tuning parts: mobile: +359 (88) 447 14 54;
Violeta Nikolcheva: +359 (88) 880 14 98

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